WONYO Embroidery machine Customizing with every stitch

ISEW series 99 Embroidery Spray Adhesive

Main ingredients:Butane 1-10%、Propane 10-30%、 Rubber 10-20%、Solvent oil 20-45%、Dimethl ether etc 1-10%.Using imported raw materials and adopting international advanced formula, high solid, excellent performance, strong adhesion;

high quality 833 series spot lifter

Main Ingredients Butane, propane, environment friendly solvent oil, perchloro ethylene, hydrated amorphous silica, etc.

Bobbin thread for embroidery machine

Bobbin thread for embroidery machine 1)100% polyester 2) M, L size 3) For embroidery machine

100% Polyester embroidery thread

Material: Polyester Color: More than 1300 colors Do not fade, high strength Suit for which clothes often needed washing such as children clothes, uniforms, t-shirt, Sportswear embroidery.
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