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How is laser power measured

Laser power is measured in watts - the same watts used to measure the power of light bulbs. A 10 watt laser will appear much brighter than a 10 watt light bulb since the light from the bulb travels in all directions and spreads rapidly, while the light from the laser is concentrated in a beam only a few millimeters in diameter.

how to adjust the engraving and cutting depth

Methods to solve the problem: if the laser engraving machine doesn't engrave deep. 1. Check whether the cycling water is normal (The water pipe is kink or burst.) 2. Check whether the focal distance is normal (readjust) 3. Check the light path is normal (readjust) 4. Check whether the paper on the material is too thick, water is too much. (Correct it) 5. Check whether the beam is balance (adjust the leather belt on the both sides)
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