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About Wonyo

We have been thinking about one thing: How to realize the maximum value for our customers. And the same time to be the closest partner of theirs.

WONYO embroidery machine company was founded in 2009. Since the very beginning, We have dedicated ourselves in the research & development of embroidery machine. Up to now, we have owned chenille embroidery, taping embroidery, printing embroidery, single head cap embroidery, multi-head embroidery and etc. Besides, we have applied for many patents successfully. Over 100 countries of the world are now covered with our machines.

Our company focuses on Human resource, paying great attention to company management and training of technical personnel. Management and technical standard have been keeping improved. And also there is a fulfilled internal system for both manufacture technique and quality inspection. They are the strongest proof for efficient production and after-sale service. Our factory also passed the certification of ISO14001 environmental management system.

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Our Products

WONYO We adhere to our value statement and aim to acheive our missions by offering high quality products and services beyond customer expectations. We specialises in all multi-functional use of embroidery such as single and muilt-head embroidery machines; cap; shoes and other finished garment embroidery. Our extensive knowledge in laser cutting equipments helps to complete and lead WONYO into the international markets.

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Take you to learn embroidery machine knowledge
Laser power is measured in watts - the same watts used to measure the power of light bulbs. A 10 watt laser will appear much brighter than a 10 watt light bulb since the light from the bulb travels in all directions and spreads rapidly, while the light from the laser is concentrated in a beam only a few millimeters in diameter.
Methods to solve the problem: if the laser engraving machine doesn't engrave deep. 1. Check whether the cycling water is normal (The water pipe is kink or burst.) 2. Check whether the focal distance is normal (readjust) 3. Check the light path is normal (readjust) 4. Check whether the paper on the material is too thick, water is too much. (Correct it) 5. Check whether the beam is balance (adjust the leather belt on the both sides)