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Small Cap Embroidery Machine 1 Head 6 & 9 Needles Computerized Semi-Industrial Embroidery Machine

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New Model Single Head Computerized Embroidery Machine 

Household Embroidery Machine Maquina Bordadoras Domestica

Computerized Semi-industrial Embroidery Machine


Q Series new model 1 head 6 & 9 needles hosehold domestic embroidery machine

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Model#: Q200, 1 head 6 needdles embroidery machine 




Model#Q201, 1 head 9 needles semi-industrial embroidery machine 

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Main Features:

1.8 inch LCD touch screen with 16 languages
2.LCD display supoorts USB and Network transmission
3.Suitable for flat, cap and finished garment embroidery
4.Maximum Speed:1000 RPM
5.Memory size:20,000,000 stitches matched with 200 patterns
6.Convenient power failure recovery embroidery function, prevent
embroidery half-way off 7.Full screen pre-view decsaiugsne mtirasacel icganmpaebnlte
8.Emergency Stop, Prevent accidents
9.Auto start and color change ,200 times color change settled
10.Perfect pattern stitch compensation, cusotmers could change the
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12.Can add infrared grating protection device and laser cutting device
13.Autimatic thread trimming and cutting



Control System:

8 inch LCD display touch screen with 16 languages
Color LCD display showing real time stitching
Start, Stop, and emergency Stop
Function keys including Menu, Speed up and Slow down,(also Page Up and Page Down), Help, USB
Dot Key to return to 100 degrees, Parameter Settings,Clear, ESC, Enter, etc.
Numeric keys for selection of needles
Embroidery Status
Manual Trimming
On-board lettering
Manual Color Change
Multi languages available


Accessories included with the embroidery machine:


Tshirt Hoops/frames of each head 
2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 90*90mm(3.5"*3.5")
2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 120*120mm(4.7"*4.7")
2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 150*150mm(5.9"*5.9")
2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 200*200mm(7.8"*7.8)


Caps frame included for 2 heads
1pc x cap driver for each head  (total 2 pcs)

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