WONYO Embroidery machine Customizing with every stitch

What materials can be marked?

The answer depends on the wavelength of the laser used. Fiber lasers can be used to mark metals with a nice black mark. Pretreating the surface of the material is not necessary saving time and cost of additional chemicals. You can also create a deep mark into the metal, or create a frosted look which is a lighter mark. With a CO2 laser wood, acrylic, glass, and stone can be marked.

Can I learn to use your machine?

Yes, training is included FREE with every system we sell. Our technicians have professional Photoshop and CorelDRAW experience, as well as an extensive laser background. Our training program consists of step-by-step manuals and videos that are used in the training program and are provided to you to take home and review later or share with others at your company.

Our Advantages

Simply put, quality. Creation design. Large-scale Manufactured. Timely service Supported.
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