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WONYO 4 Heads 15 Needle Embroidery Machine Price For Kenya

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Computerized Multi-Head Embroidery Sewing Machine Price

WONYO 4 Heads 15 Needle Embroidery Machine Price for Kenya

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Multi-Head Computerized 4 Heads Embroidery Machine As Good As Tajima, Feiya, Barudan Embroidery Machine, Good Price With Good Service!

Made in China by Shenzhen Wanyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand: WONYO embroidery machine with good prices for sale 

Computerized and automatic operating




Max Working speed

Gross weight

Embroidery area

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Detailed Images

Model#: WY904CS

4 heads 9 needles computer cap & tshirt & flat embroidery machine 

Heads#: 4 heads 

Needle#: 9 needles 

Embroidery format: DST & DSB, BMP(Direct person photo embroidery)

Standard working speed: 850SPM

Max working speed: 1000SPM 

Embroidery type: Cap embroidery, tshirt embroidery, flat embroidery 

Digitizing software: Included 

Model# WY1204CS

4 heads 12 needles computer hat embroidery machine 

Heads#: 4 heads 
Needle#: 12 needles 

Control panel: 10" LCD display with direct photo embroidery function 

Standard working speed: 850SPM

Max working speed: 1000SPM 

Max flat embroidery size: 400*450mm

Max cap embroidery size: 260*60mm

Max tshirt embroidery size: 290*290mm

Model#: WY1204CH

4 head 12 needles high speed embroidery machine 

4 heads 12 needles computerized embroidery machine for sale
Heads#: 4 heads 
Needle#: 12 needles 

Max working speed: 1000SPM
Control panel: 10" LCD display 

Accessories: tshirt hoops ( 5 sizes), cap frame, flat hoop and flat table 

Embroidery needles: Groz-beckert from germany 

Rotary hook and bobbins: Japan Koban and Towa brand 

Model#: WY1504CH

Similar tajima format embroidery machine with good price for selling

Heads#: 4 heads 
Needle#: 15 needles 
Control panel: 10" LCD display 

Max flat and tshirt working speed: 1000SPM

Max cap embroidery speed: 650SPM 

Embroidery needles: Groz-beckert from germany 
Rotary hook and bobbins: Japan Koban and Towa brand 

Packing & Delivery

Standard Fumigation-Free Wooden Box

Gross weight: 850kg

Accessories Included( Sent For Free) Together With The Embroidery Machine

Tshirt Hoops

/frames of each head 

2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 90*90mm(3.5"*3.5")

2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 120*120mm(4.7"*4.7")

2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 150*150mm(5.9"*5.9")

2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 200*200mm(7.8"*7.8)

2pcs tshirt frame front round hoop 290*290mm(12"*12")

Caps frame included for 2 heads

1pc x cap driver for each head (total 2 pcs)

1 pcs cap x frame station for each head(total 2 pcs)

2 pcs x cap rings/hoops for each head (total 4 pcs) 

Flat embroidery hoop

pcs big flat embroidery hoop for flat embroidery , with stand and flat table included

Accessories parts 

1.Extended flat bed embroidery table with stand support under for embroidery machine

 2.4 pcs foot wheels for customer to move the machine easlily(If customer need move it from one place to another)

3.Operation manual in English, Quick guide in one page 

4. Tool kit with frequently used tools and 10 pcs of needles, 1 reciprocator, 1 detect board sent for free 

5.8G USB driver

6.Bobbin winder


CE certificate for exporting to Europen and Asia  customers

Company license for Shenzhen Wanyang Technology Co., Ltd

New patent for the embroidery machine 

wonyo embroidery team.JPGOur Company

We have been thinking about one thing: 

How to realize the maximum value for our customers. 
And the same time to be the closest partner of theirs.
WONYO embroidery machine company was founded in 2009. Since the very beginning, We have dedicated ourselves in the research & development of embroidery machine. Up to now, we have owned chenille embroidery, taping embroidery, printing embroidery, single head cap embroidery, multi-head embroidery and etc. 
Besides, we have applied for many patents successfully. Over 100 countries of the world are now covered with our machines. 
Our company focuses on Human resource, paying great attention to company management and training of technical personnel. Management and technical standard have been keeping improved. And also there is a fulfilled internal system for both manufacture technique and quality inspection. They are the strongest proof for efficient production and after-sale service. Our factory also passed the certification of ISO14001 environmental management system. 
Our office and factory production line together take place 2000 square meters. Well managed processing plant, raw material inspection department,spare part and finished part warehouse, separate research & development department. Among these, the production line is strictly obeyed to the system of 7S management. All are operated under the system of ISO9000 quality management system. Every product manufactured will meet the demands from different customers. 
WONYO is always a team with great service consciousness. All the product development and innovation idea are based on the demands from customer. We are aiming to reach the international quality standard. 
WONYO spirit: continuously surpassing ourselves, developing and improving ourselves, always with courage to challenge, learning the advanced technique from Germany and Japan. The design and model for the machine are with various research details. It fits the ideal of humanization, rationalization and standardization. Both the exterior design and interior quality standard can be comparable to that of the importing machines. 
We specialized in one-stop service for embroidery machine and software training.
We look forward to your cooperation with our better quality and compatible price. 

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