WONYO Embroidery Machine 2018 Annual Party and Outdoor Activity

WONYO Embroidery Machine 2018 Annual Party and Outdoor Activity

On 2018-1-13, WONYO team attended the outdoor activity and annual party with the lead of the owner Tony Zhou. This is the first time that we attend this activity together. During this training, we learned more about our team and also ourselves. And we work together to make our team a more fulfilled, united, solid one.

With a great mood, we sail our dream off together and arrived at the place we will spend our 2 days. 

On hearing the whistling of the coach, we become so serious and forget all the laziness behind. Soon lined up as a trained solider. 

Firstly, we were divided into 3 different groups. Each groups came up with 1 team name, slogan and group song, which can help encourage us to be more powerful nd passionate. 

Then, we endeavored to challenge ourselves. Guess what’s the name of this part? LOL, every one became a”spider man”. At this moment, no matter man or lady, they are bravo enough to make it 🙂  

Brave enough to challenge ourselves  

100% confidence

Mutual assistance 

challenge herself with smile

Third part: each member must work together to get this ball run. No matter where you are standing, that place is quite important. Or else, this program will be deemed as a failure.

Fourth part: the power of breath

Fifth part: Team work makes everything easier! Maybe you are in different department, but the main goal is the same. So what we need to do is work together and reach this gold with continuous effort.

Sixth part: Graduation wall, before we do this, we thought it’s job that we can’t accomplish. But with the correct method and direction of the leader. It’s not so hard!

Deary day came to an end and we drive to the annual party for 2018. 

Dinner party 

Exciting lucky draw

Lucky draw sponsored by the supplier

Tony, the owner expressed his great thanks to international business sales team

It’s the efforts from all of us that reach the sales goal

Tony made a summary for 2017, and set goals for 2018

Second day: CS game 

Look, how handsome they are!

Finally, the policeman defeated the bandit

After playing the games, every one is so hungry. Guess who is the main chef? 

Walking around the seaside after lunch was so enjoyable ^_^

2 days’ training is about to finish, wish WONYO embroidery machine a prosperous 2018. Thanks for all the support from our customers. 

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