Chenille Embroidery Machine



Technical details:

• Individual machine body
• Flat Embroidery size:X:400mm~1200mm Y:500mm L:2303mm W1:1566mm W2:1080mm H1:950mm H2:1531mm
• Max embroidery speed:1000r/min, max chenille embroidery speed:650r/min Head#:1 +1\2+2\4+4\6+6\8+8~
• Embroidery area: Tshirt embroidery:90mm*90mm、120mm*120mm、150mm*150mm、190mm*190mm
• Square hoop:290mm*290mm
• Mixed flat embroidery: 500mm* (400~1200)mm
• XY Linear rail system
• Embroidery machine head with individual motor for color changing and trimming, hooking
• The embroidery precision can reach to 0.05
• Thread break detecting:three module detecting (thread break detecting:Sensor + chopping wheel)
• Small shuttle box:available to embroider on small pocket and cuff Flat embroidery needles:3 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 15 needles.Chenille embroidery needles:6 needles, 9 nedles
• When an embroidery work is done, needles and cloth pressing rod will be uprising 27mm for easily changing hoop
• Automatically adjusting needle height:based on the embroidery pattern design, to automatically and manual adjust the height of the needle
• According to the number of needle, each needle will automatically spray high pressure gas to clear the thread in the rotary hook to assure the quality of embroidery
• Multu-embroidery to meet the demands for pattern with various colors
• Mixed embroidery: automatically shifting between chenille embroidery and flat embroidery, easy operation

Technical details:
• Embroidery protection:Embroidery continues after power off and on again (power off, the machine can find the original wet point)
• Preview of the pattern and its stitching paths
• Protection devices:sensor for main axis, XY direction limit sensor,potentionmeter
• Design transfer ports:USB and Network available
• Power: 110,60HZ-220V,50HZ
• Operation:Start, stop, emergency stop,fast – moving hoop slow – moving hoop, 100 °,thread cutting,needle number of color changing, menu, frame design, color changing setting, original point setting, back to original point, accelerate, decelerate
• Stitch length:0.1~12.7mm Font software available
• Language:Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russia, German, – French, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkiish, Dutch, Arabia
• Pattern format:DST, DSB
• Angle for moving:270°
• Bottom point:172°

Machine dimension (mm)


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