Coiling Embroidery Machine


Technical details:

Individual machine body
Flat Embroidery size:X:400mm~1200mm Y:500mm L:2960mm W1:1568mm W2:1080mm H1:950mm H2:1518mm
Max embroidery speed:1000r/min, max chenille embroidery speed:850r/min Head#:1+12+24+416+618+8~
Embroidery area:
Tshirt embroidery:90mm*90mm、120mm*120mm、150mm*150mm、190mm*190mm
Square hoop:290mm*290mm
Mixed flat embroidery: 500mm* (400~1200)mm
XY Linear rail system
Embroidery machine head with individual motor for color changing and trimming, hooking
The embroidery precision can reach to 0.05
Thread break detecting three module detecting (thread break detecting:Sensor + chopping wheel)
Small shuttle box:available to embroider on small pocket and cuff
Flat embroidery needles:3 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 15 needles.Coiling Embroidery:1needle, 3needles
Press foot can be adjusted 0 ~ 4 mm based on the thickness of the embroidery material
Data for taping embroidery can be manually set, 6 sawtooth stitches can be chosen based on the flat embroidery data, thus different sawteeth stitches can be easily got
Swing of the saw tooth can be adjusted:the swing can be proofread from 6mm to 16mm, to avoid the hit of the needle and sawtooth when embroidering thick taping material

Control system:

Embroidery protection:Embroidery continues after power off and on again (power off, the machine can find the original wet point)
Preview of the pattern and its stitching paths
Protection devices:sensor for main axis, XY direction limit sensor, potentionmeter
Design transfer ports:USB and Network available
Power: 110,60HZ-220V,50HZ
Operation:Start, stop, emergency stop,fast – moving hoop slow – moving hoop, 100 °,thread cutting, needle number of color changing, menu, frame design, color changing setting, original point setting, back to original point, accelerate, decelerate
Stitch length:0.1~12.7mm
Font software available
Language:Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russia, German,French, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkiish, Dutch, Arabia Pattern format:DST, DSB
Angle for moving:270°
Bottom point: 172°
Easy shift from automatic to manual


Optional:tshirt hoops:90mm-2 pcs, 120mm-2 pcs, 150mm-2 pcs, 200mm-2 pcs, 290mm-2 pcs
Optional:cap frame:cap frame-1 pc.cap driver-1pc, cap ring-2 pcs
Operation manual in English Too kit

Machine dimension (mm)


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